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Vision Fitness Brand Elliptical Machines for 2022


Vision Fitness Brand Elliptical Machines for 2022

Vision Fitness, a part of Johnson Health Tech, is in the fitness world for a very long time. They started their journey in 1993. They have included different exercise machines in their repertoire since then. Their first folding elliptical trainer was patented in 1998, pioneering a whole range of compact equipment that hit media and customers. Visions bulky ellipticals were more accessible for home use because they were foldable and easily storable.

Vision Fitness has won lots of awards. The company has been awarded the best buy elliptical by consumers digest for its X6200 model. Then in 2008, they produced another massive hit by rolling out suspension ellipticals. Right now, they have over 50 awards from various outlets to their name.Vision Fitness Brand

The higher models can be pricy, but you sure get a durable and robust elliptical for your home. If you don’t wish to change your elliptical for a long time, suspension and commercial elliptical from Vision are your best options.

Here are a few vision lines you might consider when looking for a perfect elliptical trainer.

Vision Fitness Brand Elliptical Machines

Traditional Ellipticals

The traditional elliptical machines from Vision will offer you low-impact exercises with advanced features. You can enjoy the smooth, natural movement of the traditional elliptical. These are visions most affordable models available as well.

One of the things that make traditional elliptical devices so popular is that a wide variety of consoles are included. For example, the Vision X20 elliptical offers you a classic, sleek, or touchscreen controller. These range from basic premium features to a 10 inches HD touchscreen with all the amenities you could ask for in an elliptical.

Suspension Elliptical

Vision is the first company to create this type of elliptical trainer. It’s still on the list of the bests. The machine provides a smooth and stable ride because of its innovative suspension design.

They have different grades and slopes, along with an extra-heavy flywheel to ensure smoothness. You can try the Vision S7200 elliptical, one of the newest elliptical trainers that got a huge response from the users.

Commercial Elliptical

Commercial elliptical trainers are best for families with many daily users. These are the most powerful machines out there and have commercial warranties that tend to be more spacious than traditional machines. The self-propelled generator in commercial units saves you energy costs and keeps your heart healthy with cardio workouts.

Vision Fitness Brands

VISION FITNESS X20 Elegant Elliptical Trainer

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as of February 27, 2024 11:29 pm

VISION FITNESS S60 Light Commercial Elliptical Trainer

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as of February 27, 2024 11:29 pm

Vision Fitness S60 Elliptical Trainer for Home Gym

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1 used from $1,699.00
as of February 27, 2024 11:29 pm

Vision Fitness X6200 Folding Elliptical for Home Gym

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as of February 27, 2024 11:29 pm

Things to Love About Vision Fitness

  • Durable Frame. Vision Fitness designs reliable frames according to users.
  • Adjustable stride length. This feature allows users to feel comfortable while working out regardless of their body size and shape.
  • Adjustable incline. Many Vision Fitness models come with adjustable incline.
  • Console: The consoles on Vision Fitness ellipticals are also very diverse and have features that other ellipticals don’t have.
  • Vision will give you a pretty generous warranty with most trainers.
  • Flywheels in these machines weigh around 23 pounds that keeps your workouts smooth and steady.

Things Not to Love About Vision Fitness

  • Not all models come cheap. The Suspension series and the Commercial series can be pretty expensive, but they’re definitely worth the cost.
  • One concern about Vision is that sometimes every part of the machine comes fancy even though you may not need the features.
  • Limited customization.The traditional series doesn’t have adjustable stride lengths, making it hard for users of various statures and sizes.

Bottom line

Vision Fitness is a well-known American company. It has been around for decades. They have reaped the benefits of buying their machines repeatedly as their models are robust and visually appealing.

Each Vision elliptical is created with excellent materials that will last for years, even with multiple everyday users. So you don’t have to buy a lot of these machines, as the warranties are satisfactory and offer a much more comprehensive range of options than many other brands.

If you’re looking for an elliptical machine that won’t let you down, this may be the one you’ve been waiting for in the Vision Fitness range of elliptical trainers.

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