Sunny Health and Fitness Programmable Elliptical Magnetic Cardio Power Trainer


Sunny Health and Fitness Programmable Elliptical Magnetic Cardio Power Trainer

Following a manual routine often tends to become boring for in-home people. And there are many expensive ellipticals with built-in practical programs.

But the problem arises with the high tag, bulky size, and extreme workouts. Meet the programmable elliptical magnetic cardio power trainer from Sunny.

It’s a great choice for anyone looking for budget-friendly at-home training. The heavy-duty machine is ready to help you push your fitness goals to the limits.

Programmable Elliptical Magnetic Cardio Power Trainer

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Key Features

  • Integration of 24 built-in workout programs with 12 programmable presets.
  • Automatic control of the magnetic resistance to boost the fitness programs.
  • Included adapter to connect the elliptical with a power outlet for training.
  • A sufficiently long 18.0” stride length to squeeze the best of its performance.
  • Involvement of major body muscles with the full-motion sensory handlebar.
  • Checking the overall physical progress using real stats from the digital screen.

Product Description

Power up the elliptical from the nearby source using the adapter. And you’re free to set the desired workout to take on the challenge. It won’t even take long to learn everything on the machine.

Its complete assembly measures 62.5” L x 25” W x 67” H in size. And the elliptical weighs around 103.6 lbs. However, the bottom wheels let you save the trouble and move the machine effortlessly.

Activating the trainer will give you access to the standard-sized digital display. You can check the built-in 24 programs as well as 12 programmable presets. All you have to do is set the right program.

The body power programmable magnetic elliptical trainer is more effective with its full-motion handles. Integrated pulse sensors take precise measurements of your body metrics at specific intervals.

And you can check to find the processed stats from the screen. It counts – speed, RPM, Watts, calories, distance, odometer, and HR. The readings can help you set the righteous program by yourself.

Also, the handlebar movement directly engages your major upper body muscles. A combination of the pedal-handle moves activates a full-body workout. And that’s how you achieve your fitness goals.

The textured foot pedals guarantee non-slip training all the way. And the pedal surface is large enough to accommodate all feet sizes. The left-out section in the pedal helps with more intense work.

Meantime, the built-in floor stabilizers keep the machine steady. You won’t encounter any disruptive moves, discomfort, or imbalance. A standstill yet enjoyable training is sure to make your day.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does it offer a full-body workout?

Answer: Using the full-motion handlebar engages your upper and lower body for a full workout.

How does electromagnetic resistance help my workout?

Answer: Electromagnetic resistance lets you maintain accuracy in the desired resistance levels.

Does it come with any device holder?

Answer: Of course. There’s a spacious device holder available right above the integrated display.

Wrapping Up

It’s often difficult for regular people to develop the right fitness routine. And implementing the plan eventually becomes impossible.

But let the thoughts slide with Sunny Health and Fitness Elliptical Magnetic Cardio Power Trainer.

The machine comes ready to set your program and start training. Other supportive features are sure to deliver a pleasant experience.

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