Sunny Health and Fitness Performance Cardio Climber Elliptical Trainer


Sunny Health and Fitness Performance Cardio Climber Elliptical Trainer

Climber elliptical is indeed the option for burning calories within less time. But its purchase can become costly due to many non-essential features.

And the cheap trainers often lack quality, satisfaction, and features. That’s definitely not the case for the performance cardio climber elliptical trainer from Sunny.

There are fundamental facilities available to ensure an effective workout. Giving it one try should justify the idea of enjoying an inexpensive home gym.

Key Features

  • Easy tuning of the effective magnetic resistance with 8 specified adjustment levels.
  • Integration of a front-drive flywheel to enable excellent momentum and balance.
  • Well-supporting handlebars to engage the upper muscles for a full-body workout.
  • Exclusive climbing stride to initiate a fluid-like motion while working on the climber.
  • Digital monitor to keep track of your workout time, speed, distance, and calories.
  • Built-in floor stabilizers to hold the machine weight without any move or damage.

Product Description

Total body fitness for a toned physique comes from sped calorie burning. The elliptical guarantees the direct involvement of your full body. And your desire to have a fit body should become a reality.

Its completed assembly measures almost 42” L x 23” W x 60.5” H in size. The durable frame material takes your intense workouts well. Also, the trainer easily withstands up to 220 pounds of user weight.

However, the assembled weight counts nearly 69.3 pounds. The value is notably lower than its other competitors due to fewer features. Yet, you’ll have transportation wheels to enjoy comfortable moves.

Sunny Health and Fitness performance cardio climber elliptical come with a standard 9” long stride. And you’re free to enjoy a 7” vertical climb against a 5” horizontal distance with its every movement.

A front-drive flywheel activates superior stability, momentum, and smoothness. There’s a magnetic tension to help with its intensity. Turning the knob will adjust the resistance within 8 different levels.

Extra floor stabilizers keep the assembly in its place during your workouts. Textured non-slip pedals move within 7.28” up to 15.83” vertically. Its standard space further enables better physical balance.

Don’t forget to learn about your workout progress from the digital display. The screen precisely reveals your distance, time, speed, and calories. You can even initiate the scan mode and odometer onscreen.

A leftover space right above the monitor lets you store devices. Tune yourself up with your favorite music/entertainment system. Also, keep the water or juice close to your hand using the bottle holder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the machine have any upgrades?

Answer: There’s no direct part for its upgrade. But you can try its costlier Pro or Premium version.

Is there any section to hold my devices?

Answer: Yes, there’s a specified space right over the display to securely hold your electronic devices.

Does the movement make any noise?

Answer: The level of squeaking is almost null. You won’t get distracted/annoyed at its least noise.

Wrapping Up

Taking your fitness level to the next stage is just one step away. Simply get the versatile climber to push your current workout limits.

Sunny’s well worth performance cardio climber elliptical trainer promises not to disappoint.

And you can surely forget about the fancy and luxurious features. The basic ones in a perfect combo are enough to shape your body.

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