Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical Peddler Exerciser


Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical Peddler Exerciser

Don’t you have enough space or time to tone your physique? No need to push yourself with the high-impact weekend fitness programs for that.

There’s a perfect, affordable, simple solution to your problem. Take a look at Sunny Health and Fitness magnetic under desk elliptical peddler exerciser.

It’s a budget-friendly option for anyone looking for an effective lower body workout. And you can have it almost anywhere to get the desired fitness.

Key Features

  • A 3.52-lb flywheel ensures further blood circulation and joint moves in the body muscles.
  • Included tension knob allows simple adjustment of resistance within 8 integrated levels.
  • Consistent momentum for the moving feet prevails with the well-textured non-slip pedals.
  • A supportive 7” stride length with rolling glide rails initiates smooth low-impact workouts.
  • Belt-driven magnetic resistance enables a challenging variation of exercising intensities.
  • A centralized digital monitor measures speed, time, distance, and calories with accuracy.

Product Description

Do all your chores at home or office comfortably while pedaling underneath. No upper body workout makes it suitable only for legwork. Still, you can burn considerable body fats which is the focal point.

The low-profile peddler comes with a mere 24” L x 19” W x 11” H footprint. So, putting it away or under the desk shouldn’t be a problem. You don’t even need a well-specified storage facility to keep it secure.

And the mere 25 pounds of weight can’t give you any headache. Also, there’s no well-specified limit of maximum user weight on the trainer. Included carriage handle is enough to let you move the machine.

Again, there’s a lightweight 3.52-lb flywheel to promote operational smoothness. It enables quiet user movements with stability. The magnetic tension comes with 8 defined levels of workout resistance.

Turn the circular knob to readjust the current resistance levels. Changing the level will get you more or less intensity. Therefore, you can enjoy different degrees of challenges to work your body on the bike.

Its oversized textured pedals make sure your feet don’t get slipped. The pedals are large enough to hold almost all-sized feet. Any left-over space following your foot’s placement helps with vigorous moves.

Also, the pedaling height remains limited to 3.46” up to 7.4” only. The incorporated 7.0” stride length maintains a subtle balance between your feet. And your lower body muscles receive optimal efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I buy additional parts for the elliptical?

Answer: Make contact with Sunny Health and Fitness team to confront the issue authentically.

Is there any updated model for the peddler?

Answer: Absolutely. You should check out the almost similar premium exerciser at the same price.

Will the exerciser easily fit under standard desks?

Answer: The compact frame should lie beneath any standard and a large-sized table comfortably.

Wrapping Up

Keep yourself going with the low-impact workout to burn calories. It may not provide a full-body workout or fancy features.

You can barely match Sunny Health and Fitness magnetic under desk elliptical peddler exerciser.

Simply pedaling under your table sounds way better for busy people. Even the price is considerably lower to own the machine.

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