Sunny Health and Fitness Circuit Zone Elliptical Trainer Machine for 2023


Sunny Health and Fitness Circuit Zone Elliptical Trainer Machine

Keep stimulating your muscles in a cardio workout to lose unwanted fats. But getting such training at home may cost you a great fortune.

It’s not the case with Sunny’s circuit zone elliptical trainer machine. The equipment is sure to meet your satisfaction without breaking the bank.

Also, there are several other features to keep you motivated. Riding the elliptical at home can shape your body with powerful training.

Key Features

  • Adjustment of the electro-magnetic resistance at 16 specific levels & 24 preset programs.
  • Motorized mechanism to induce a more challenging, variable, intense workout for the user.
  • Full-motion arm exercisers with pulse sensors to engage the essential upper body muscles.
  • Longer leg movements with a standard 15.75” stride length to work the lower body part.
  • Included digital monitor to get the real-time distance, speed, Watts, HR, RPM, and calories.
  • Oversized foot pedals featuring non-slip textures accommodate any feet size comfortably.

Product Description

Push yourself to the limit with Sunny Health and Fitness circuit zone elliptical. It’s perfect all-in-one equipment for fitness enthusiasts. And the functionality is exactly what you need for a home workout.

A reasonable footprint of 63” L x 21” W x 66” H should fit any standard room. The durable frame also features a maximum of 265-lbs limit. And the assembled frame weight measures nearly 125.7 pounds.

Intensify your exercises with the built-in 16 resistance levels. Absolute control from the computer skips all the manual guesswork. And the electromagnetic resistance can surely engage your muscles closely.

Also, there are 24 preset programs to adjust the resistance automatically. Your physical requirements with the current progress need a settlement. And the preset programs simply save you all the hassles.

Stepping on the non-slip pedals will provide a stable ground for your training. They give you a 7” vertical climb against simultaneous a 5” horizontal climb. And the 15.75-in stride enables a wider leg movement.

Sunny Health and Fitness circuit zone elliptical even has handlebars for support. They directly take part in engaging the upper body muscles. Built-in pulse sensors take your HR to report your overall progress.

Check your stats from the front digital display. HR, target HR, Watt, calories, time, RPM, speed, distance – everything’s there. Again, use the navigation panel to access, set, or adjust the built-in 24 programs.

Move the assembly to anywhere you want with the transportation wheels. Don’t worry about your floor with its heavyweight frame. Use the device holder and the bottle holder to cheer yourself up at once.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the machine work in unplugged states?

Answer: Plugging is essential to access the programs. You can perform manual workouts as well.

Are the provided feedbacks usably accurate?

Answer: Absolutely. The measured data are precise and give you an accurate picture of progress.

How can I work on the elliptical unplugged?

Answer: The system saves the last active program. You’re free to utilize the program manually.

Wrapping Up

Value and quality barely come together in an at-home elliptical machine. And you’re to spend a great amount to get those at once.

But Sunny Health and Fitness circuit zone elliptical machine let you save that thought.

Investing in your health improvement can’t get any better than this. Its sturdy frame & silent moves certainly get you the fitness.

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