Sunny Health and Fitness Carbon Pro Elliptical Machine Magnetic Resistance Trainer


Sunny Health and Fitness Carbon Pro Elliptical Machine Magnetic Resistance Trainer

Starting your fitness program with low-impact workouts is a great move. However, finding a dependable option for such a task gives the problem.

Not many high-quality choices are available in the market these days. Still, you better count on Sunny Health and Fitness carbon pro elliptical machine.

It’s a great rear-drive elliptical within your reach. The machine is more like a must-have to justify the demands of a fitness-concerned family.

Carbon Pro Elliptical Machine Magnetic Resistance Trainer

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Key Features

  • Integration of a 13-lb flywheel maintains maximum quietness, balance, and smoothness.
  • Built-in magnetic resistance with 10 different adjustment levels to get workout variations.
  • Full-motion exercisers to target, involve, and train major muscles in the upper body part.
  • Incorporated pulse sensors collect to process and display essential metrics on the screen.
  • A front performance monitor to track & reveal time, calories, pulse, distance, speed, and RPM.
  • Well-supported floor stabilizers to keep the assembled trainer steady, balanced, and safe.

Product Description

Enjoy a low-impact but physically beneficial cardio workout with its ride. Its rear-drive mechanism is perfect to help you with startup training. And the device becomes suitable for almost everyone.

It measures nearly 69.3” L x 28.7” W x 64.8” H in size when assembled. And the total weight should count 95.5 lbs. However, the compact profile with built-in movability can handle the stats well.

Also, the maximum weighing capacity is 265 pounds for its users. Its magnetic tension can provide more challenging and intense workouts. Likewise, you’ll have to set/adjust the resistance to the correct level.

A 13-pound flywheel rests at the rear section of the assembled machine. It helps the rider to maintain balance towards the center. And the process makes your training comfortable, secure, and consistent.

The elliptical machine magnetic resistance trainer even keeps everything smooth, noiseless, and steady. The chances of interruption or damage to the elliptical are zero with its additional stabilizers.

A considerably large 16” stride length should push your training. It effectively involves your lower body muscles for intensive workouts. Thus, you can speed up the rate of burning calories on the machine.

Using the handlebar lets you involve the upper muscles for a full-body workout. Don’t forget to adjust the resistance levels with the knob. There are 10 defined levels available to establish complete control.

Non-slip pedals keep you balanced while doing intense and vigorous training. The pedaling range starts from 7.3” to reach as high as 13.4”. Its smooth movements let you focus on the workout, not comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any upgrades for the machine?

Answer: Yes, you can spend around a hundred bucks additionally to have the premium version.

Does the elliptical provide training feedback?

Answer: You’re free to check on your essential training stats from the display for feedback.

How does the built-in flywheel help me?

Answer: The included flywheel engages different elliptical parts to ensure a smooth movement.

Wrapping Up

The cardiovascular device is ready to suit the needs of fitness enthusiasts. And its function can help users of any age, expertise, and fitness.

Sunny’s carbon pro elliptical machine magnetic resistance trainer is indeed worth the money.

Its superior outcome can shape your body over regular exercises on this device. And there’s no need to break the bank or take up much space.

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