Sunny Health and Fitness Carbon Premium Magnetic Elliptical Programmable Machine


Sunny Health and Fitness Carbon Premium Magnetic Elliptical Programmable Machine

Are you looking for a top-class elliptical trainer to achieve max fitness level? Of course, you’ll have to make a good budget for your choice.

Still, you don’t have to fall for a bulky commercial machine. Sunny carbon premium magnetic elliptical programmable machine should be good enough.

The model itself is the updated premium version of Sunny Carbon Pro. And there are some significant changes to notice with the upgrade.

Carbon Premium Magnetic Elliptical Programmable Machine

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Key Features

  • Around 13-lb flywheel at the rear section helps the user have balance towards the center.
  • A standard 15” stride length engages leg movement to train the major lower body muscles.
  • Included full-motion arm exercisers to involve upper body muscles for complete training.
  • Constant measuring of workout efficacy through the built-in pulse sensors in handlebars.
  • An advanced digital monitor reveals accurate stats of time, pulse, speed, distance, and Watt.
  • Dependable floor stabilizers to prevent any sudden moves while working on the machine.

Product Description

The belt-driven rear elliptical can give you a natural feeling. Its flywheel position enables smooth leg movements. And the centering physical position offers a naturally walking or running experience.

However, the upgraded carbon pro measures a similar 67.3” L x 31.5” W x 65.75” H size. And the 103-pounded assembly can take 265 pounds of user weight. You can move the device using the wheels.

The electro-magnetic resistance is superior to the Carbon Pro. There are 16 different levels of resistance for your training. And don’t miss the built-in 21 preset programs to enjoy your preferred workouts.

A digital display gets you everything necessary right on the screen. Setting the programs and adjusting the level is quite easy from there. Also, there are 4 different profiles to keep track of your progress.

Don’t worry about your balance with the very similar 13-lb flywheel support. The handlebars take your measurements through integrated sensors. But the bar itself is exclusively non-slip for sweaty training.

Another difference comes with the stride length. Carbon Pro features 16” whereas the carbon premium magnetic elliptical features 15”. Still, your lower body muscles receive excellent treatments all along.

Likewise, there are textured foot pedals to keep your body balanced. The spacious pedals accommodate almost all feet sizes. Any leftover surface space offers extra assistance during vigorous workouts.

An advanced digital monitor covers more than standard metrics. You’ll get to know pulse, speed, time, distance, scan, calories, RPM, BMI, and BMR. So, you’ll stay updated about your health and fitness.

Carbon Premium Magnetic Elliptical Programmable Machine

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the machine have a device holder?

Answer: Yes, there’s a well-guarded device holder right above the controlled display.

Can I train on the elliptical without power?

Answer: Not exactly. Powering up the machine for workouts is the only viable option.

Does the movement make any noise?

Answer: The perfect answer would be negligible. You’re likely to hear minimal noise.

Wrapping Up

Feel free to make your moves to work the muscles for perfect fitness. And the preset programs can save you unwanted hassle for sure.

That’s where Sunny Health and Fitness carbon premium magnetic elliptical stands alone.

It’s a great addition to your house without wasting valuable open space. Setting the right resistance level makes you ready to proceed.

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