Sunny Health and Fitness Air Walk Trainer Glider Exercise Machine for 2023


Sunny Health and Fitness Air Walk Trainer Glider Exercise Machine for 2023

Ellipticals often become a menace for beginners due to the high-impact workouts. And choosing a low-impact trainer seems a good idea for many.

A glider exerciser is a preferable option to enjoy a start-level workout intensity. You can take look at the air walk trainer glider exercise machine from Sunny.

The device offers the perfect tune-up for your out-of-shape physique. Its aerobic workout can get your fat ready to get burnt with high-intensity training.

Key Features

  • Totally aerobic exercises to improve the current cardiovascular and respiratory health.
  • A digital LCD monitor offers information on your workout progress at specified intervals.
  • Full-body workout to involve leg moves with upper body training through the handles.
  • Massive 30” stride length to eliminate the chances of vigorous or high-intensity work.
  • Well-set spacious stabilized pedals activate simulating slow walk and jogging-like runs.
  • Foldable mechanism to reduce the assembly to half for simple storage and movability.

Product Description

Maybe it’s time for you to skip the highly tensile resistance for fitness. An aerobic workout only requires your personal energy and stamina. Its low-impact training can save your body from impacts and shocks.

Slight assembly is necessary for the machine after its well-packed arrival. And the frame should measure 25” L x 19” W x 57” H when assembled. And the device permits nearly 220 pounds of weight for its limit.

Gently fold the assembly for storage when it’s not in use. The folded frame is 15” L x 19” W x 61.5” H – almost half the size. And you won’t need any transportation wheels to move the mere 35-lb exerciser.

An extensive 30” stride length lets you do lightweight workouts. Do stretching, cross-country, skiing, running, walking, and even dancing. It helps propel your legs with comfort, stability, and balance.

Put your feet on the Sunny Health and Fitness air walk trainer glider exercise machine. The spacious non-slip pedals enable a balanced motion. You’re set to enjoy continuous moves without interruption.

A somewhat limited 7.52” pedal height keeps you close to the ground. And it’s perfect for a slow walk or a low-impact running by yourself. Spending 20 minutes on the machine is way enough for your fitness.

There’s no pulse sensor included in either of the handlebars. Still, you can get the basic physical metrics on its LCD monitor. Check your real-time counts, total counts, time, scan, and calories burnt onscreen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a glider provide a full-body workout?

Answer: Absolutely. Doing your workouts by holding the handlebar gets you a full-body workout.

Does the machine arrive fully assembled?

Answer: No. You can accomplish the assembly within a few steps. Also, the required tools are included.

Can the machine deliver good momentum?

Answer: Of course. The initial movements may not seem up to the mark but you’ll get there soon.

Wrapping Up

No more forced impacts or moves on your muscles during workouts. It’s more like a device to get you prepared for the next-level training.

Sunny’s air walk trainer glider exercise machine is everything a beginner can ask for at-home workouts.

The trainer may seem slightly unorthodox to fitness enthusiasts. But anyone to train 10 – 15 mins should get a rightful amount of exercises.

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