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Sole Fitness Brand Elliptical Machines for 2023


Sole Fitness Brand Elliptical Machines for 2023

Sole Fitness Brand manufactures and distributes cardio trainers for light commercial or residential use internationally. Today they’re one of the leading brands in the market.

Sole Fitness Brand Elliptical Machines

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

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Sole Fitness is highly favorable to its loyal customers because they provide high-quality components at a surprisingly low price. You may not find many preset workout programs in their machine, but the performance they offer will win you over. The ellipticals come with lucrative online discounts and offer you free shipping and generous warranty policies. Their customer service is also very satisfying, according to the users.

Among all models, even the cheapest one will provide you with a satisfying resistance level and a generous 3-year period warranty on parts. But if you’re counting programming, even the top-in-the-line model only has ten program modes.

Sole Fitness Brand has upgraded their models with Bluetooth connectivity. With this feature, you can use your mobile or tablet as your workout monitor. You can also send your workout stats to apps like My FitnessPal. All models have built-in speakers and tablet-holders.

Sole Fitness Brand Elliptical Trainers & Hybrid Stepper

Sole Fitness Brand

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The elliptical series consists of 6 trainers. They range from the E25, which is more of a home training equipment, to the premium E98 which comes with commercial warranties.

The Hybrid stepper from Sole is the SC200. It’s compact, so you’ll save space with this one, and the sale price often turns out to be very cheap.

All E-Class elliptical machines have movable armrests to provide a full-body workout. These armbars are shaped to support multiple grip positions, helping trainees focus on different muscle groups in the upper body. For various lower body exercises, each elliptical machine also has a substantial incline.

Thirty settings can be acquired in only half a percent increments. All ellipticals feature a magnetic resistance front-drive design to ensure quiet operation. The innovative ergonomics of the pedals are also revealed across the board. Two-degree internal slopes are used in Sole Fitness’s brand pedals to help prevent stress and keep the user’s body healthy.

How are they different from each other? The track’s weight varies from 34 pounds on the E95 to 19 pounds on the E25. The length of the strides differs too. In some Sole elliptical, the standard 20 inches strides are fixed, while others can adjust from 20 to 22 inches (E95s move between 18 inches to 24 inches). Screen sizes and types vary from model to model.

At the same time, the SC200 Stepper is one of a kind. It’s for intense cardio training and costs $899.

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Another benefit of getting a Sole Fitness Brand is it’s risk-free. Sole has a return policy, and customers enjoy a 30-day trial period. In this period, if you wish to return your machine, they’ll carry the shipping charge, but they do keep 8% of the product’s price.

Things to Love about Sole ellipticals

  • Frames made with commercial-grade steel. Sole uses inferior steel frames for all the ellipticals.
  • User-friendly system. Two-degree internal slopes are used in Sole Fitness’s pedals for joint relaxation.
  • Toning Settings. There is a broad range of settings in all Sole ellipticals for proper muscle movement.
  • Adjustable stride lengths. You can adjust the strides of some Sole ellipticals up to 22 inches.
  • Entertainment. All the Sole ellipticals have standard tablet holders, and they are compatible with smartphones too.
  • Wireless detection. The latest Sole ellipticals manage fitness data via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Warranty. The warranties available for Sole ellipticals on online sales are satisfactory.

Things Not to Love about Sole ellipticals

  • Limitation of programs. Users cannot download new training programs in Sole ellipticals. However, two users can customize the information and save their training routine.
  • Not for Everyone. Sole ellipticals this year are suitable for tall or average adults mostly. The 20 to 22 inches strides are too long for relatively smaller users to feel normal (except Sole E95, which has 18 to 24 inches strides).

Bottom Line

Sole Fitness Brand gets the best reviews about elliptical trainers consistently. The latest elliptical trainers’ collection has various combinations of maximum resistance and stride length to suit users properly. It’s also equipped with the most advanced Sole electronics.

All Sole Fitness Brand ellipticals are the best purchase at their price when manufacturers apply their sale prices. Follow the sales, and you will be amazed at how little you have to pay for the Sole elliptical that you like!

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