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ProForm Brand Elliptical Machines and buying guide for 2023


ProForm Brand Elliptical Owned by ICON Health and Fitness like NordicTrack, ProForm is a leading fitness brand currently in a very dominant position in the market. ProForm started in the 1980s. Today ProForm is providing a range of fitness equipment both for home gym and commercial use. Most elliptical machines from ProForm are compatible with iFit, and have preset workout programs, tablet holders, sound systems, and more. If you move to more expensive and premium models, you’ll find features like an integrated HD touchscreen.ProForm Elliptical Machines

The elliptical machines from ProForm are also very diverse. Users can choose any elliptical from various options, including different resistance systems, incline options, and stride lengths.

Types of ProForm Ellipticals

ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT Recumbent Bike and Elliptical with 30-Day All-Access iFIT Membership

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The best types of elliptical machines ProForm offers are the Endurance series, Pro series, CSE series, and Hybrid series. You will find all details about those series below.

Endurance Series

The first thing to know about the endurance ellipticals is that their resistance systems are upfront, not back. This feature results in saving more space than with rear-drive ellipticals. This series doesn’t compromise the stride length while saving space.

This series’s 2020 models have the 520 E, 720 E, and 920 E. ProForm offers free delivery within 48 US states with these elliptical machines. The sale prices of these machines are considerably low.

The cheapest model in this series is the Endurance 520 E, and the top-of-the-line is the Smart Endurance 920 E. If you move to a better model, you’ll get heavier drives, increased weight capacity, and an advanced display. With the 920 E, you’ll get 1-year of free membership of iFit. The display on this machine is 7 inches Smart HD touchscreen. No other model in this series has a touchscreen.

Pro Series

This series has three elliptical machines, Pro 9.9, Pro 12.9, and Pro 16.9. Among these three, 12.9 and 16.9 are Smart models. They have 7 inches (12.9) and 10 inches (16.9) HD touchscreen so you can fully enjoy your iFit workout programs.

The pro 9.9 is iFit compatible, but you need your device to watch the videos, and the display is only 6 inches backlit.

If you compare it with the Endurance series, the pro series is the better one. However, all these models are front-drive models. The drives are comparatively heavier, support smoother riding, and provide an incredible challenge while performing strength training.

The flywheel in Pro 9.9 is 28 pounds, whereas Pro 12.9 and Pro 16.9 have a flywheel of 32 pounds. The trainers offer you 24 to 26 resistance levels and can provide different intensity levels according to your fitness level.

The higher model gives you a weight capacity of 375 pounds with 35 workout apps and a 10 inches smart touchscreen.

CSE Series

This series only has one model, the Smart Strider 895. It’s a rear-drive trainer, so it’ll require more space compared to the front-drive elliptical machines. But you can store it vertically to save some space. You only have to fold it after you’ve finished your exercise.

Rear-drive elliptical machines often come very expensively, but this series is comparatively very cheap. However, the drives are not massive. They don’t lack features, but it’s a better choice for beginners.

The primary features worth mentioning are 7 inches HD touchscreen, 10 degrees adjustable incline, and 24 resistance levels. You also get one year’s free membership of iFit.

Hybrid Series

The Hybrid series is half recumbent bike and half elliptical. Considering the features, they come at a surprisingly low price. These don’t have strong basics, but the extras are worth praising. The stride lengths are between 15 inches to 17 inches with a 15-pound drive. It’s the right choice for low-intensity workouts.

There are Basic Hybrid Trainer and Hybrid Trainer Pro in this series.

Things to Love About ProForm

  • The frames are steel-made, and they’re quite sturdy.
  • Touchscreen control will let you use your tablet or mobile as your secondary display. There are built-in speakers, cooling fans, wireless telemetry, and more on selective models.
  • The adjustable incline helps you target your muscles.
  • Movable handlebars support full-body training.
  • Interactive workouts with iFit compatibility.

Things Not to Love About ProForm

  • iFit expense. Most of the models don’t provide you with free iFit membership.
  • Quality consistency. There are some issues with their quality control.

Bottom Line

The home gym ellipticals ProForm provides you with great results and extra accessories to keep you entertained. Features like an intelligent HD touchscreen, iFit compatibility, preset workout programs, and an affordable price range will tempt you to buy one of their beautiful pieces and enrich your home gym with it.

ProForm elliptical machines are a wise choice for your home gym regardless of what fitness level you’re on. One thing to keep in mind is the basic features vary a lot from one trainer to another. Get your research done before deciding which one you’re finally getting.

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