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Precor Brand Elliptical Machines for 2022


Precor Brand Elliptical Machines for 2022

Precor has been offering smoothest elliptical machines for about three decades now. They invented elliptical machines, and they always manufacture premium quality equipment.

Precor invented the elliptical machine and introduced the smoothest ride in the fitness equipment industry. Health clubs around the world favor Precor because of its fantastic durability and superior ergonomics. The brand manufactures premium equipment for both commercial and personal use.

Precor value safety while designing the machines but also makes sure that they provide you with satisfying results. Elliptical machines are one of their special ones among other equipment. If you get a Precor elliptical for your home gym, you’ll get results as satisfying as professional equipment.

Precor Brand Elliptical Machines Rear Drive Series

If you want a budget-friendly elliptical, the rear-drive series is your best option. These elliptical machines are also very efficient if you’re into challenging workouts. Precore introduced the rear-drive elliptical machine in the market. All other companies went around this design to make their ellipticals. But, Nordictrack realized how brilliant this design was and bought permission from Precor to use this design.

The rear-drive elliptical stride will give you a real feeling of walking or running while giving you a balanced experience. Apart from this rear-drive, Precor also created a few innovative features in their machines that you won’t find in other brands.


CrossRamp technology lets the elliptical ramp mould according to your feet. This technology reduces injury possibilities and provides you with lasting results as well as ensures low-impact workout. The CrossRamp also lets you to build up endurance and strength according to your fitness level.

Precision Series

The official title of the Precision series is Precor EFX machines. These ensure you a commercial-grade quality machine for your home gym. They’re durable and will challenge you regardless of your fitness level. The Precision series is top-rated in the market of fitness equipment today.

EFX 221 is the entry-level model of this series and the lowest price among all models offered by Precor. The series goes up to the EFX 835, a premium one that costs around $7,500.

The EFX 835 is the most premium model you can get for your home. This fitness cross-trainer has features like movable handlebars, CrossRamp technology, 15 preset workout programs, 20 resistance levels and more.

Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) Series

This series can make you feel like you are running in the air. There are four models in this series, AMT 813, AMT 833, AMT 835, and AMT 885.

You will get multiple machines summed up in one super machine. This series is equal to an elliptical, a stair-climber, and a treadmill. What else can you expect from one cardio workout machine? The versatility of these ellipticals will let you experience walking, running, climbing, and biking all in one.

Things to Love About Precor

  • Durable Frame. All Precor elliptical machines are made with commercial-grade frames and parts to ensure durability.
  • CrossRamp Technology. Whenever you want to ramp up the workouts, the adjustable inclines will let you increase the level of your challenge. Most of the elliptical machines from Precor range from 13 degrees to 60 degrees.
  • Smart Consoles. All Precor elliptical models are compatible with iPod. Several models have dome-style buttons which allow you to adjust the incline while you work out.
  • Customizable Features. Some Precor models will allow you to customize and save different workout plans. Using this feature, you can pick up your workout where you left off.
  • Handlebars. A few EFX ellipticals feature moveable handlebars. You can work out targeting your entire body or a portion using the handlebars.

Things Not to Love About Precor

  • Like most other brands, warranties on labour and parts are not very impressive on affordable models.
  • The machines maintain a commercial quality which makes them noisy. The more durable and robust a machine, the harder it gets to ride quietly.
  • The EFX ellipticals are quite expensive. You have to from $2,000-$7,500 for an EFX elliptical.

Bottom Line

Precor is known for building durable fitness equipment. When you’re searching for alternatives for a perfect buy for your home gym, Precor is a brand you must have on your list.

One downside of Precor elliptical machines is they are hard to move, and you won’t save much space because of their size. They’re not very compact. Those who are ready to commit to a commercial-level workout at home should get a Precor elliptical.

Precor Elliptical Machines

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