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NordicTrack Elliptical Brand for 2022


NordicTrack Elliptical Brand for 2022

NordicTrack, which is a part of ICON Health and Fitness, now manufactures various elliptical machines. They come in different sizes, power and price ranges. The brand is famous for its workout programming and features like iFit connectivity, HD display, built-in speakers, etc.

To minimize your search time, we’ve gathered all the information you’ll need before deciding if you’ll buy a NordicTrack elliptical or not.

Types of NordicTrack Ellipticals


If we categorize NordicTrack elliptical machines by their flywheel placement, there are three types.

  • Front Drive
  • Center Drive
  • Rear Drive

Drive location is an essential element to categorize the elliptical trainers because the drive location determines a few crucial things about the machine.

Front Drive Series

Three models of NordicTrack are front-drive elliptical (C 9.5, C 12.9, and Commercial 14.9). All of them have 19 inches or 20 inches of power-adjustable strides. This series is the perfect equipment for targeting different muscles. The adjustable strides allow users to target their muscles according to their height.

They have the capability like commercial elliptical machines because the maximum resistance level is from 25 pounds 32 pounds. One downside of this series is that they are not foldable. That means you won’t save space with this series.

The smallest ones in sizes in this series are the Commercial 14.9 and C 12.9 with dimensions of 89.3 inches in length, 28.8 inches in width, and 68.5 inches in height.

Each of them is compatible with iFit. Moreover, you will get free membership of iFit for one year so you can get access to unlimited workouts and customized advice for your fitness.

Rear Drive Series

The two models in this series, the SE9i and SE7i are your space savers. They’re usually 80 inches in length when you assemble them entirely. But they’re vertically foldable. You can keep them folded after you’ve completed your exercise and save your gym some space. Even with their massive frames, their strides are 18 inches in length which are comparatively short.

Additional features you get from this series are 18lbs flywheel, 22-24 digital resistance level, 24-30 workouts and a 10% power-adjustable incline.

Both of the models are rich in features. Both of them are compatible with iFit. But you’ll only get one-year free membership to the app with SE9i. This model also has a 7 inches HD touchscreen whereas the SE7i has a 5-inch backlit display. Both of them have music ports to plug your device in and stream music while working out.

Front-drive elliptical machines need more balance and experience in cardio workouts than rear-drive ellipticals. So this series will benefit those who only started using a cardio machine recently.

One of the primary reasons you search for an elliptical machine is to get a low-impact smooth training experience. With this series, the ride may feel choppier if you are a tall and heavy person. It’s more appropriate for short people.

FreeStride Trainer Series

FreeStride series from NordicTrack has 32 inches adjustable stride which is very impressive. This series includes three models, the FS5i, FS7i, and FS9i. All three of them are compatible with iFit. The FS7i will give you a 7 inches HD touchscreen and a one-year membership to iFit. The FS9i also comes with the membership and a 10 inches HD touchscreen. The only model that doesn’t provide you iFit facility is the FS5i. But, you can use your device in this one.

You experience realistic up-downs with 10% incline with both FS7i and FS9i. The FS9i also has a 10% decline. This feature lets you experience real-life rise and fall using google map components via iFit.

Things to Love About NordicTrack

  • The resistance level of NordicTrack elliptical trainers support every level of fitness workout.
  • You get a range of stride choices. Despite how tall or short you are, you’ll find a perfect match for you. Some NordicTrack elliptical models are specifically convenient for short users, and some are for tall users. Some of the models are very generous on stride choices.
  • Moving arm-bars.All the 2020 models from NordicTrack elliptical trainers have moving handlebars that support full-body workouts.
  • HD Displays.Higher models offer you with HD touchscreen displays.
  • Impressive consoles.In this price point, the consoles they offer are outstanding. They provide features like iFit compatibility, various preset workouts, built-in speakers, tablet holders, workout fans, and so on.
  • iFit compatibility. All of NordickTrack’s elliptical machines will give you the iFit facility. A few of them even offers one-year free membership of the app.

Things Not to Love About NordicTrack

  • Labor Warranty. The only thing to complain about NordicTrack is that they don’t cover in-home labour costs.

Best NordicTrack Elliptical Product list

Bottom Line

NordicTrack designs the fitness machines intending to keep the users motivated. Choose a model that suits your needs regardless of which drive location you prefer because there are so many options. You can fulfill all your cardio training needs even if you are a newbie in this field.

NordicTrack will be a perfect choice for users who look for interactive training and entertainment features.

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