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NOHrD Indoor Exercise Bike Luxury Indoor Cycle with an aesthetic design


NOHrD Indoor Exercise Bike Luxury Indoor Cycle with an aesthetic design


An indoor exercise bike can save your time, reducing the intense concern of your fitness. But getting a functional bike may not seem sufficient all the time, especially who keep the home décor in mind.

Considering the construction of an exercise bike, it is really difficult to get something elegant enough. Few choices in the industry impart stylish design alongside sufficient functionality. In fact, you can’t find a suitable option even after breaking down your intended budget.

If you’re determined to meet both ends anyway, you should try NOHrD Bike under 3500$. Not to say, this model is one true pioneer that combines superb functionality with luxurious design.

Being loaded with outstanding home gym features, the wooden bike comes with an amazing exterior design. You will certainly enjoy a natural motion with the gym equipment that fits your interior perfectly. Sleek profile, stable construction & enduring performance – you can have it all at once through this versatile unit.

Let’s check out the overview to take a quick glance at what features it has to offer.

NOHrD Indoor Exercise Bike Model History

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With solid wood construction, NOHrD Exercise Bike (view on amazon) – Cherry induces superb appearance & durability. Wooden construction results in considerably less weight than conventional steel-framed bikes.

Through German technology, the overall construction is incredibly stable to support your workout all the way. Despite having a lower weight, the bike provides unbelievably high weight carrying capacity for the user.

The pedal stroke comes with infinite variability using the magnetic resistance brake. Being compatible with a clip system, the integrated hybrid pedals impart easy maneuverability. Flywheel oscillation comes standard with a superb planetary gear ratio.

Sufficient extension for handlebar & saddle bar permits safe & comfortable workout session. Both battery pack & built-in USB charging socket are available with the package to help you with powering up the unit.

NOHrD Indoor Exercise Bike Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding Constructability

The exterior wooden frame covers the internal steel skeleton in the perfect way to induce an amazing appearance. Using advanced German construction techniques, the overall combination remains together to provide an enduring bike. The top-quality wood won’t get affected by weather conditions or microbial growth.

  • Space Saving Framework

Measuring the dimension of about 47.2 x 23.6 x 46 inches, the unit is incredibly compact. You don’t have to spend a lot of space for working out. The best part is you can use this best space-saving exercise bike on open spaces easily to enjoy the natural freshness.

  • Great Weighing Capacity

The entire assembly weighs about 132 lbs which are no doubt incredibly less than its relevant counterparts. Despite the weight, it supports an unbelievably high user weight up to 440 lbs easily.

  • Perfect Flywheel Inclusion

The integrated flywheel weighs 12 lbs which meet the standard requirement. Therefore, a professional-level workout is guaranteed with this best exercise bike for the home gym. The disc oscillation imparts a smooth motion that burns your calories & gets your muscles to the perfect shape.

  • Stronger Brake Functionality

Featuring the magnetic brake, you can control & train your muscles to a certain intensity. With the stronger brake, you can go for a higher workout level easily. Being smooth & functional, the magnetic brake provides maximum user efficiency.

  • Advanced Gear System

Among the unique features, the bike includes an advanced & useful gear system. In fact, the planetary gear unit can offer about a 1:8 ratio. This ratio obviously imparts great advantage while you train with this advanced indoor training bike.

  • Safe & Comfortable Pedaling

The most important consideration includes pedaling performance. The pedaling is incredibly smooth & textured to give the utmost comfort. The pedal distance is kept perfect to maintain an uninterrupted & safe workout.

  • Effective Saddle Customization

For the saddle, you can get a universal bracket with a maximum of 30° angled inclination. You can extend the saddle bar with this stylish indoor bike to a considerably good length of 6.9”, regarding your body size.

  • Cordless Powering System

One of the most underrated yet highly exclusive features is its startup power. Being battery-powered, it comes with no cord & therefore, no nearby electric source is necessary. You can take the machine anywhere you want to have your session.

  • Smooth Transporting Wheels

At the bottom of the frame, there are attached wheels of sturdy material. It gives sufficient stability & smooth portability all along. Using the wheels, you can move & store the best portable wooden bike with the least effort.

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  • Wear-free magnetic brake technology
  • Ergonomic handle bar design
  • Competition-inspire seat profile
  • Dimensions: 47.2 x 23.6 x 46


  • An incredible combination of wood & steel.
  • Amazing exterior induces a natural appearance.
  • Stable framework with enhanced capacity.
  • Compact shape with least space requirement.
  • Perfectly smooth & comforting functionality.
  • Highly portable with a battery-powered startup.


  • Workout variation is limited.
  • Good maintenance requirements.
  • Wheel rubber may tear off.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Do the machine cause damage to the floor mat?

Answer: Absolutely not, you can simply keep it over the mat.

Question: Is there any backrest or tray available?

Answer: No, there comes no tray or backrest.

Question: Does the wood require frequent maintenance?

Answer: Try to keep the wood clean using a slightly damp cloth on a regular basis.

Question: Is there any featured app included?

Answer: Yes, the unit comes with an installed Bike Exercise App.

Question: What is the maximum resistance for NOHrD Bike?

Answer: Sorry, there isn’t any particular level of resistance.

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Of course, the unit falls short of certain features for which you need to settle down. Yet NOHrD Indoor Exercise Bike is capable of delivering a satisfactory home workout session for those who can’t manage time for professional gyms.

Incredibly wooden combination for the steel comes with one of the most unique, pleasant & outstanding bike designs.

The inclusion of advanced & useful features has to impart further efficiency & versatility for your home workout. The price is reasonable & you can’t obviously find no top-quality exercise equipment in the range.

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