How does an elliptical and a StairMaster machine differ


How does an elliptical and a StairMaster machine differ?

Are you confused in choosing between an elliptical and a StairMaster? That’s natural if you don’t know the differences. Don’t worry. Here, we will tell you about it and hope you can make up your mind better than before.

Elliptical vs. StairMaster- the differences

Though both elliptical and StairMaster are used for cardiovascular training, they have some fundamental differences. Let’s see them at a glance.

  • Impact: Both of them are low impact machines, but an elliptical puts less pressure on the joints than the StairMaster. This is because you need not lift your feet from the elliptical paddles during a workout, but while doing exercise on the StairMaster, you require to lift your feet every time to get to the next stair. That is why it has more impact on the joints than the elliptical ones.
  • Fatigue Level: The fatigue level is generally higher in an elliptical though both are used for almost the same type of exercise. As human beings are familiar with climbing stairs or uphill, they feel less tired while using the StairMaster. That is why they think more fatigue, both mentally and physically, in the case of an elliptical.
  • Control: The controlling system of both machines varies from each other. An elliptical machine is manual, and you need to operate it using your body weight and strength, so the control of it is in your hands. Conversely, a StairMaster is automatic, and you don’t have anything to do with the controlling system.
  • Effect: An elliptical machine takes care of both the lower and upper body parts, but a StairMaster is suitable for the lower part though some people claim both.
  • Suitability: Both of the machines are useful for body fitness. But an elliptical is suitable for those who want low knee impact. On the other hand, the picture of a StairMaster is somewhat different as it’s highly ideal for your lower body muscles.

Why can I run on an elliptical but not on the street?

The answer to the question may vary from person to person, but to us, if you want low pressure on your joints, you can choose an elliptical. While running on the street, you need to put the whole pressure on your knees and ankles. Over time, this may cause problems with your joints.

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The conclusion

The above discussion shows you the differences between an elliptical and a StairMaster. Listen, both of them are good for workouts, and now it’s your decision which one you should buy for your home gym. But if I were you, I would buy the elliptical machine for me.

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