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Benefit of Exerpeutic 1000XL Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical


Benefit of Exerpeutic 1000XL Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical for 2022


When it comes to regular cardio or vigorous training inside the home, elliptical trainers hold the most economic option. Having a treadmill can also serve our purpose well. Yet the problem arises when buying one gives a bump in the pocket. So, what are the options available? Obviously, the answer goes in favor of elliptical machines.

But there are numerous elliptical models you can find within your budget these days. Concerning quality& performance, you are likely to find over a dozen suitable choices for sure. One of the best among them is Exerpeutic 1000XL Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical (View on amazon) that concerns your fitness & pocket at the same time.

Being rich with the basic amenities, this machine will obviously render effectiveness & enjoyment. Perfectly designed for home use, the ergonomic option will help you to attain your desired fitness.

Let’s have a quick glance at the overview to know what it has for you.

Guide for Exerpeutic 1000XL Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical Exerpeutic 1000XL Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical

With solid construction, the best budget elliptical lasts long enough to serve without any wear & tear. Through dual-action workout, you can train both your upper & lower portion. The simultaneous action will improve overall body strength & endurance.

Balanced flywheel with natural motion eliminates obscured bounces. Reasonable 8 resistance levels deliver a comprehensive workout intensity. Large-sized pedals provide no-slip foot support all along, regardless of the intensity level.

Ensuring a low-impact session, it results in maximized output with minimal stress on the knees & joints. Featuring a pulse sensor, you can go through your heart rate during your training. In fact, basic LCD display offers superior convenience in tracking your progress.

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Features & Benefits

  • Whole Body Training

Featuring strength improvement for both upper & lower body at the same time, the dual-action technique induces incredible balanced workout. With simultaneous action, it gives a new level of endurance & fitness for the entire body.

  • Stable & Sturdy Construction

The entry-level heavy-duty cross trainer comes with superior built-quality. Proper care will extend its durability even for regular & frequent users. Sufficient weight with convenient framing offers a stable base for the unit.

  • Bidirectional Motion

Through the well-balanced flywheel, the Exerpeutic Air Elliptical comes with bi-directional motion. Initiating the workout in front & back, exercising the entire leg muscle becomes easy. It helps to maximize cardiovascular strengthening to a considerable extent.

  • Compact Size with Portability

Measuring 54” length x 23” width x 63” height – the size is pretty compact, being suitable for home use. Weighing 76 pounds, the unit maintains a standard, considering the counterparts. Having bottom wheels, easy portability is encouraged all along.

  • Magnetic Resistance Level

Having magnetic tension, the machine offers sufficient levels of workout variation. There are 8 distinctive levels for which you can set out the intensity level. Covering from the lightest to medium extreme levels, it suits for the entire family quite well.

  • Low Impact Workout

The design is effective to provide almost zero impact on the joints to achieve Exerpeutic Therapeutic fitness. Therefore, least strain & stress on the body takes place, even on a high-intensity workout. It protects the hips & ankles from potential danger during your exercise.

  • Smooth Natural Motion

Natural striding motion is a guarantee without any stuttering. Having a smooth transition between the resistance levels, you are likely to experience no jerks or sudden bounces. This is why you can focus on the cadence without the slightest interruption using this best elliptical machine.

  • Large Pedals without Slippage

Larger pedals with built-in rubbed design give spacious support here. With space, you can comfortably pedal maintaining perfect body balance. The rubbed surface offers no slippage while pedaling encouraging your focus & safety.

  • Dual Handlebar Design

With two sets of built-in handlebars, it comes with incredible efficiency. The first one is fixed and located below the console unit. This set helps with lower body movement. Through the strider-type movable set, dual workout action is initiated.

  • Workout Tracking with Monitor

The centrally located console has a reasonably sized electronic LCD screen. It covers the running time, distance, burned calories, speed, scan & heart rate. Tracking your recessional summary, you can set the goal more precisely.


  • Incredibly strong construction with better longevity.
  • Reasonably higher weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Simultaneous workout for both upper & lower body.
  • Challenging exercise variation with resistance levels.
  • Smooth operation comes with least noise generation.
  • Lower impact on the joints as a treadmill alternative.


  • Frame assembly is somewhat challenging.
  • Considerably short length of stride (13”).
  • No preset workout programs are available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Should I use a mat to absorb the sound & protect the floor?

Answer: The machine is extremely quiet so you won’t need any mat. But for floor protection, you can use the mat under the unit.

Question: Are there any holders for tab/phone & water bottle storage?

Answer: No, the machine has basic features without any holder pockets.

Question: Are the readings on the monitor accurate?

Answer: The answer is no, occasionally. Though others provide convenient readings, the pulse sensor can undergo faltering which leads to inaccurate heart rate.

Question: Does the wheel leave marks on the floor?

Answer: Over a clean floor, not at all. But dust & debris can, blocking the path of the wheels on the floor.

Question: What is the distance between the pedals?

Answer: The approximate distance is about 8”.

Question: Will the short stride cause any trouble?

Answer: Regarding an average person height, the stride length is almost inefficient for use. So, avoid using the stride is the best option.

Question: What to do if squeaking takes place?

Answer: First check out the entire assembly for any loosened bolts. Tighten to the acceptable extent, if you find any. If the squeak still occurs, check out whether lubrication is necessary. Going through the Exerpeutic Elliptical (View on amazon) manual will do help.

Question: How much can it take to make the assembly?

Answer: Regarding your efficiency, it can take about 3 hours or so by yourself.

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With the basic features & robust building, Exerpeutic 1000XL Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical comes with superior serviceability against its value. Being great equipment for home use, it is more like a family gym trainer rather than an elliptical for individuals.

Improving the cardiovascular shape & toning your muscles, you can even lose some fat over regular training. You can settle for the basics on a low price with optimum satisfaction for sure, though you can’t ignore the limitations.But, it comes with one of the best quality/price ratios in the current market.

There are considerable drawbacks for which you need to settle down. You will have quality assurance with reasonable features, which is quite more than you can expect at a lower price tag. Suiting an expensive choice with a convenient workout, you will receive good performance all the way. Without boasting the most satisfactory design, you can still get an impression using this versatile tool.Outdoor Elliptical Bike Review- Purchase Guide

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