Captiva Elliptical Trainer Machine for 2022


Captiva Elliptical Trainer Machine for 2022

The Captiva Elliptical Trainer Machine is a device from the Yowza Fitness cardio core training series. It is a new look at elliptical machines and a significant improvement over previous designs.

It has a higher incline potential and longer variable stride than its previous model. These make the machine more suitable for a wide range of users.

To be more specific, the stride range now goes from 18″ up to 28″. The incline rate has also been increased from 35% to 50%. The magnetic resistance has 16 levels of difficulty. The resistance in conjunction with the incline level makes for some intense workout sessions.

The Captiva Elliptical Trainer Machine is also a perfect elliptical for home gyms. It can be folded and transported easily. The front base of the frame has transport wheels to make the machine easier to move from one place to another. It also has a secure carry handle at the back to aid you.

The larger wheels at the front set this machine apart from others. The larger wheels allow you to move the device over carpets and uneven surfaces easily.

Captiva Elliptical Trainer Machine

Captiva Elliptical Trainer Machine

The Captiva Elliptical Trainer Machine (view on amazon) is an innovative elliptical with the patented Cardio Core body trainer that is great for ab workouts. The 50% incline level can challenge even the best of athletes.

It also provides a low or no-impact workout for people looking for something basic. It also supports multiple user profiles so that multiple family members can keep track of their workout sessions with this once machine.

Price Range and Warranty

The Captiva Elliptical Trainer Machine has some of the most impressive warranties on the market. The frame and the braking system have a lifetime warranty. The moving parts and electronics have 5 years of warranty. While the labor has an in-home warranty of 2 years.

Comfort and Noise Level

The Captiva Elliptical Trainer Machine has a workout fan with three different speed levels for maximum comfort. It has heavily padded pedals as well. It can hold a maximum weight of 400 lbs. People of all categories can use it comfortably.

As for its noise level, it has an electromagnetic resistance system that is practically silent. The patented technology used to build the machine provides an exceptional workout for your abs comfortably.

It does this by providing a low impact workout that is easy on your joints and knees.

Special Features :

  • It has an 18″ to 28″ length of stride.
  • It has an incline range of up to 50%.
  • It has a counter-rotational core motion that is patented by Yowza Fitness.
  • It has 16 levels of electromagnetic resistance system.
  • It has 12 preset workout programs in the machine.

Advantages :

  • Comes with Sure-Fit self-pivoting pedals.
  • Built-in Hi-Fidelity speakers.
  • Comes with an iPod docking station.
  • Has a Vivid Blue backlit LCD.
  • Has a polar heart rate control.

Captiva - Elliptical Trainer Machine (cardio core training series)

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  • Variable Motion Elliptical Technology changes the reversible path and length of stride from 18” to 32” deepening the height and intensity
  • Patented counter-rotational Core motion * Sure-Fit™ self-pivoting pedals
  • Built in "ramp-less" incline
  • IPod docking station and built in Hi Fidelity speakers
  • Vivid Blue Backlit LCD display * Polar™ heart rate control

Final Verdict

The Captiva Elliptical Trainer Machine is a higher mid-range machine but that price tag is worth it. The specifications provide exceed industry standards which justifies the price tag.

You can stay on track with the LCD monitor that displays all the essentials you need. Take control with the Captiva today.

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