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Which Bowflex Trainer is right for me? Our recommendation Bowflex Max Trainer M7


When it comes to fitness in a shorter time, most treadmills doesn’t seem suitable. Then there comes a modern hybrid trainer which comes as a challenging alternative of treadmills. If you have less time for a proper workout, then these types of elliptical`s can give the perfect result.

No doubt, you will find lots of ellipticals in the market for home use. But if you want something worthy of your investment, then you should take a look into Bowflex Max Trainer M7.

With superior design & outstanding construction, the model beats traditional treadmills by numerous means. Loaded with high-tech features, it offers maximized output considering a home gym equipment. Through the cardio machine, you can enjoy a full-body workout maintaining a higher intensity.

Despite its higher price tag, it yields a better result with a higher calorie-burning rate. Overall, you will have one of the best home gym services using this unit.

Get down to the overview to check what it has in its store for you.

Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Model History

The compact design results in a sleek profile for the versatile creation. The intentional combination of a stair-climber with the elliptical induces a weight loss trainer. Anaerobic fitness with cardiovascular improvement – you will have the best home workout performance. A 15-minute session will burn about 280 calories which is 2.5 times better than standard trainers.

The sturdy construction offers durability whereas monolithic slab design induces better stability for the base. Although it suits best for upper body training, yet its construction provides training for the lower portion as well. Using 16 built-in resistance levels, you can tone the entire body. Heart rate monitoring, electronic console, least impact – all are there alongside the bonus features.

Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Features & Benefits

1. Full-Body Sculpting

With Bowflex Max Trainer reviews, it engages the arms & legs in equal share. Over the entire motion, all major muscles have to work out and therefore, you will have an evenly-shaped body.

2. Heavy-Duty & Stable Frame

The framework is pretty solid with convenient materials. It introduces incredible longevity & accurate service for a long time. With the monolithic construction of major moving parts with the base, you will get a stable base all the way.

3. Faster Weight Loss

With consistent exercise, a noticeable result appears within weeks. In fact, the machine burns 2.5 times faster when you work it out perfectly. No doubt, it will get you faster output in less time even when you got the least time to make it.

4. Compact Size & Lightweight

With 46” length x 25” width x 63” height, the size is undeniably compact than most of its counterparts. You won’t need much space for training or storage either with this unit. The assembly as per Bowflex Max Trainer M7 manual induces a lightweight machine for your carriage.

5. Variable Resistance Levels

There come 16 different levels of tension which allows you to put forth the challenge in a more efficient way. You can make the workout more effective according to the training intensity. With 16 levels, it suits the requirements of beginner & intermediate trainees well enough.

6. Zero Impact Pedaling

No impact and you got an easy, comfortable training session each time. With the least pain & strain, you can continue your training for long. The smooth pedaling will give comforting support as well.

7. Higher Workout Intensity

Offering the least impact, it translates your energy to training at maximum level. Allowing you to go for further intensity, you can notch up the level without delay. Working at greater intensity will help your session to achieve better results.

8. Integrated Preset Programs

The boredom takes place with the same workout for one session. Bowflex Max Trainer M7 results in the breakage of your boredom a once. Using the 8 integrated programs, you can get a perfect body challenge.

9. Tracking the Heart Rate

Successful training session requires pulse monitoring and you can have it here just right. There is a wireless chest strap which may not suit everyone. But surely you can use the contact-based pulse grip to decide the perfect energy system (aerobic or anaerobic).

10. Backlit Electronic Console

The convenient console contains a bright screen with supportive backlight. Not to mention, all the basic parameters are tracked while you train with accuracy. The collected data is displayed on the monitor to help you with the progress.

11. Extra Supportive Features

You will get a bottle holder to keep the water close for hydrating yourself upon necessity. In the meantime, you can store the tab, pod, smartphone as well. And featuring a dual profile system, the unit can track two person’s data at the same time.

Bowflex Max Trainer M7

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  • 11 workout programs and 20 levels of computer controlled resistance available
  • Syncs with Free Max Trainer app to set, monitor, and track goals while streaming video content from professional trainers that will instruct, motivate and help you be more successful with Max (Available for Apple iOS and Android devices)
  • M7 performance targeted programming learns and adapts to each user’s fitness level over time to set new targets
  • Oversized, high contrast, dual backlit LCD/LED display for easy use
  • Feeling good and want to extend your workout? Add a little more time to your workout with the press of a button through the Add Time feature


  • Incredible strength improvement for upper body.
  • Casual & faster weight loss with fat burning.
  • Standard weight carrying capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Enhanced performance through sturdy framework.
  • Lightweight body permits easy carriage & storage.
  • Outstanding online support for variable training.


  • Not exactly suitable for beginner level.
  • Complete assembly requires a long time.
  • Certain users may find it uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can I tilt/roll the machine using the wheels?

Answer: For an average user, you can do the tilting/rolling by yourself.

Question: Is it possible to go for abs workout with this unit?

Answer: You have to train the core abs for this purpose. With an elliptical like this, you may not attain a very good result.

Question: Does the model puts stress on the spine?

Answer: Due to gauge effect without slow start, some users may experience stress on the pain. A slow start can reduce the problem.

Question: What is the exact weight of the assembled unit?

Answer: Over the full assembly, the unit weighs about 148 pounds.

Question: What are the tracking parameters?

Answer: Resistance level, heart rate, RPM & calories burned.

Question: Does the trainer make any noise?

Answer: The machine is quite enough like other elliptical.

Question: Beginner, Intermediate, Pros – for which this one suits best?

Answer: It serves the intermediate users the best, definitely not for the pros.

Question: Will the wheels/weight cause problems for hardwood floor?

Answer: No problems are likely to occur on any common types of floor.


Offering numerous gym facilities in the home, Bowflex Max Trainer M7 has appealing features & superb construction. Therefore, you will get the best performance in less time. Being a powerful alternative of treadmills, the zero-impact home equipment is built to meet your demand.

Although the unit is marred by some drawbacks, each of them is quite well settle-able. Whether you’re an intermediate or advanced user, M7 has everything ready to deliver the best training session. And for beginners, you can attain the same output if you can suit yourself with Bowflex Max Trainer problems. Spirit Fitness XE295 Elliptical Review

The price is considerably high regarding another conveniently featured elliptical in the market. But when you want something really reliable within a reasonable price; few ones can match the M7. Rest assured, your investment won’t disappoint you when you go for this versatile workout assistant.

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